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How to Make WordPress Secure

In this article, we will discuss “how to make WordPress secure”. Lots of websites owner complain about WordPress security.  As everybody thought, an open source script is vulnerable to security attacks. It’s our responsibility to make WordPress secure. Now, the question is how can we make it secure? No dought, WordPress is a secure platform, but you need […]

Remove Category from URL – WordPress

In this article, we will discuss “Remove Category from URL WordPress”. WordPress provides an easy way to manage URLs. When we create categories in WordPress then the URL contains the category keyword. It is default nature of WordPress. This will increase the length of the URL, sometimes we need to remove the category from URL so make […]

Top 7 Reason Why Python Is So Popular

In this article, we will discuss “Top 7 reason why Python is so popular”. Python has proved itself as the best programming language. The drawbacks of Java, Perl, VB, C#, C and C++, etc., inspire programmers to move with Python. Latest Python version 3.5 optimizes the development method, syntax and scope up to a great extent. […]

Best Open Source Rich Text Editors

In this article, we will discuss “Best Open Source Rich Text Editors”. As you know, Rich Text Editors are basically required in all kind of website or web apps. These editors are helping us to manage our content formatting easily. Best Open Source Rich Text Editors Quill Quill is a powerful, free, open-source WYSIWYG editor with modular architecture and expressive […]

Modern PHP Security Excellent Benefits

In this article, we will discuss “Modern PHP Security Excellent Benefits”. PHP significantly reduces many things like security issues, time issues, and garbage issues throughout the development of projects. It links well to the database management system like SQL, Oracle, and Sybase to provide efficient data storage and interaction services. Hence, most of the clients chose PHP technology-based […]

How to Setup Apache, PHP & MySql on Windows 10

In this article, we will discuss “How to Setup Apache, PHP & MySql on Windows 10″.  When you are planning to install Apache, PHP & MySQL on Windows 10 machine, then We have two options to do this as given below: You can setup Xampp or Wamp server which enables all the feature as per our requirement. […]

Agile Methodology Key Tips to Benefit Industries

In this article, we will discuss “Agile Methodology Key Tips to Benefit Industries”. An Agile is the project planning software. The key concept of Agile software is to construction projects in a distributive manner across one or more teams. So, the team members will receive the assignment in a proper procedure with right timelines simultaneously. It is the […]

Tiptap – Vue Js Rich Text Editor

In the article, we will discuss “Tiptap – Vue Js Rich Text Editor”. The rich text editor is mostly used in all kind of Web Apps which fulfill our text processing requirements. It makes our writing easy and manageable. We have already covered some of the basics on Vue Js in our previous articles. If you are not […]

Ionic Installation Step by Step Guide

In this article, we will discuss “Ionic Installation Step by Step Guide”. We already discuss basic of the Ionic Framework in our previous article. You can read the following article. Brief Note on Ionic Framework Ionic apps created via the command line utility. The Ionic CLI is the most common and preferable method for installation. A CLI […]

Brief Note on Ionic Framework

In this article, we will discuss the “Ionic Framework” and the basic understanding of the framework. As we know today mobile apps are generating more traffic for our websites. Ionic Framework is open source UI toolkit for mobile and desktop apps, which build in web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It’s easy to learn and […]

Basic Laravel Vue Js Setup

  In this article, we will discuss the “Basic Laravel Vue Js Setup”. By default, Laravel provides the Vue js basic setup files. We just need to set up the node modules. You can change the frontend preset s as per your application requirements. You can read more on presets in the Laravel official documentation. Of course, […]

Laravel 5.7 Package Development from Scratch – Part 1

In this article, we will discuss “Laravel 5.7 Package Development from Scratch”. Here we describe the package development steps creating, maintaining and using packages. You can also check the official Laravel doc for package development. I’m creating an example package details given below: Prerequisites We need a fresh Laravel setup where we create our custom package. […]