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How to Fix the Color Swatch Issue in Shopify

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In this article, we will discuss “How to fix the color swatch issue in Shopify”. Mostly, Shopify themes provide a color swatch feature on the product and collection page. Color swatches replace the traditional dropdown for variant option color. However, if you are using some color names that are non-standard (like “Ivory”, “zebra black”, “denim blue” for instance), you will realize the color swatch appears white, as per the given screenshot.

Shopify Product Page Color Swatch Issue


Steps to fix the color swatch issue

The basic reason for the issue, the theme can’t guess which color to display. To make it work, please follow the given steps.

  • You have to create your small image for the color and size should be (64px * 64px).
  • Name the image according to the name of the variant color but keep the filename in lowercase and replace any spaces in the name with a hyphen. For example:
    • A variant named: Ivory requires an image named: ivory.png.
    • A variant named Zebra Black requires an image named zebra-black.png.
  • When our images are ready open your Shopify admin, click on the Settings tab and open the area named: files.

Shopify upload files

  • Upload your images to the files area, this will make them accessible for your theme. After uploading the color swatch images.

Shopify upload files

Let’s test our product page

Check the following screenshot, the color swatch working fine. It’s showing ivory and denim-blue color.

Shopify product page with color swatch


In this article, I tried to explain to you “how to fix the color swatch issue in Shopify”. I hope, you like this article. Please feel free to ask your questions in the comment area. Also, share your feedback too.

Keep learning & stay safe 😉

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