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Difference Between FULL, MEAN and MERN Stack Development

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In this article, we will discuss the “Difference Between FULL, MEAN and MERN Stack Development”. The word ‘stack’ came from the word ‘LAMP’ stack that is an abbreviation for technologies like “Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP“. As we know Linux is a famous powerful Operating System and Apache provides valuable security added a multi-featured server, MySQL is a great RDBMS and PHP is a famous programming language on which the several complex applications can be developed.

Full stack indicates both front-end and back-end development, MEAN stands for (Mongo Database, Express JavaScript, Angular JavaScript, Node JavaScript, and MERN is meant for (Mongo DataBase, Express Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS).

Stack helps shift context quickly between different languages when you’re coding for both browser and web server. There’s one NoSQL database available and it means “Not-only-SQL”. The “Not-only-SQL” is a DBMS that stores and retrieves data in a non-relational or non-linking form i.e. without explaining any tabular schema for the same database. NoSQL is simpler easier to design and scalable in comparison to RDBMS.

The traditional combination of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS is no longer sufficient to set free applications with hasty improvements. Therefore a web stack has been confirmed to drastically meet the mounting hassle of the end users.

MEAN Stack

MEAN stack framework get developed through the combination of MongoDB database and front-end technology like ExpressJS, AngularJS, and  NodeJS.

MERN Stack

MERN framework includes technologies such as ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS with database MongoDB.

Full Stack Development

Full stack development includes both front-end and back-end development with various technologies like Java, J2EE, PHP, Python, C #, Perl, Ruby, etc. A full stack developer could be rarely efficient in any single technology and a company needs a team of developers to get a developed a bigger size project.

Comparison between MEAN Stack and MERN Stack

MERN is different from MEAN stack development with the inclusion of ReactJS instead of AngularJS, which has created some beneficial features.

The developers choose MEAN or MERN stacks solely according to the project type and acquaintance with the technologies. So, the developers need to be expert in either MEAN stack or MERN stack or Full Stack. But, expertise in any stack combination helps developers to integrate all technologies in one place successfully.

Common features between MEAN Stack and MERN Stack

Both the MEAN and MERN stacks are open source frameworks which help a community in an enhancement of flexibility. These applications get constructed upon the Model-View layout. MongoDB is a genuine and valuable database commonly used in both the stacks. Here, NodeJS facilitates developers to develop advanced backend applications through running of JavaScript on Server. Also, ExpressJS manages HTTP request, offers basic routing and creates an API (Application Programming Interface).

Google maintains the Angular open source JavaScript framework for the development of a Single Page Application (SPA). It renders a great user experience in going through the entire page without refreshing the same. Similarly, Facebook maintains ReactJS framework that helps develop a single or multi-page and hybrid web application. Both ReactJS and AngularJS enable writing smaller size reusable modules instead of large quantities of code.

In sum, choose the particular stack as per your project requirement. Please feel free to add the comment if any query or you can seed your feedback.

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    Nice job
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