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Nuxt Js- the right framework for your next project

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In this article, we will discuss “Nuxt Js- the right framework for your next project”. Why does Vue.js developer need to proceed for web development through Nuxt.js? Even though Angular.js, Node.js, Vue.js, and Nuxt.js are all JavaScript applications, but Nuxt.js is something special. What’s the special thing behind Nuxt.js? You will come to know all the things here.


Nuxt.js is a top-level framework which helps to build a top quality single page or universal Vue app. Nuxt.js helps in the abstraction of the summary of client and server code distribution within the development. However, the goal of Nuxt is to develop a main base of the project. In the development phase, also get a lot of features within the same JavaScript files.  Hence, the development of the application will be much easier.

Develop Universal Apps Easily

A universal app is also a single page app (SPA). It describes the JavaScript code that executes both the client and server side apps. Nuxt.js makes it easier to create universal apps. Also, another drawback of SPA is it takes a long time to load on web browsers. But, Google crawler can detect the responsive universal app easily. Nuxt.js aims to sort out the issues for the development of Vue applications. Nuxt.js simply shares code between the client and server fulfill the logic of an application.

Significant Properties and Components

Nuxt.js accesses the different properties like isClient and isServer for describing the presence on the client or server. Also, some special component such as “no-SSR” restricts the component from representation at the server end. Nuxt also allows you access to an async data procedure to fetch data and submit it at the server end.

Automatic Code Splitting

Nuxt.js creates a static version of the website through the Webpack configuration. Each route or page acquires its JavaScript file with code that runs that route. Faster development is possible here in this code splitting way. Also, the size of the application will be smaller.

Starter Template Through Vue-CLI

Nuxt.js starter-template needs Vue-CLI to get started with a well-structured project. Hence, install Vue-CLI and run the following.

vue init nuxt-community/starter-template <My project name>

Benefits of Universal App

Nuxt js comes with nuxt generate command, with this command you can create a static version of your website in HTML.

For example, If you have already the following pages:

-| page/
--| index.vue
--| aboutus.vue

Nuxt creates the following structure of folder.

-| dist/
-| index.html
--| aboutus/
----| index.html

You can easily render universal app without the need of any server. You can read more on official documentation.

Excellent Project Structure

The structure of Nuxt.js application allows you to develop simple or complex applications. Hence, end-users can understand it easily.

Nuxt Js

Setup Transitions Easily

Nuxt.js set up routes with a “<transition>” element. It helps to create transitions between multiple pages apparently. With the use this, we can handle easily JS/CSS Animation, CSS transitions within our element or component. Click here to read more on routing transitions.

Babel for ES6/ES7 compilation

Nuxt.js comes with the Babel, and it compiles the latest versions of JavaScirpt such as ES6 and ES7  for running on older web browsers. All of our “.vue” files and ES6 code written in the script” tag compiled into the JavaScript, which works on all the browsers.

Auto-Updating Server

At the time of development, when we save our project files then no need to refresh the browser. Nuxt Js come with the auto update.


In conclusion, Nuxt.js has a significant feature for the latest advanced web applications. Hence, development through nuxt.js is much easier in comparison to other frameworks. We will discuss more on Nuxt Js and its feature in our future articles. Please feel free to add comments if any query or you can send your feedback 😉


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