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Machine Learning – The Basic Technology of Robot

We can’t compare Robot with a human being complete. The robot is a great creation of a human being through machine learning technology and artificial intelligence. Also, automation and other supporting programming languages help accomplish…

Need of Machine Learning for Robotic Program

In this article, we will discuss "Need of Machine Learning for Robotic Program". The term Robotics is strictly concerned with robots. A robot is a programmable digital machine that renders an array of tasks at a faster rate in some…

Machine Learning v/s Artificial Intelligence

In this article, we will discuss Machine Learning v/s Artificial Intelligence. Even though Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are very closely related technologies, but there are certain differences, which we will be able to learn…

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What is Machine Learning? A Brief Note

Machine Learning (ML) is a most valuable algorithm that enables software application for a truthful prediction without the plain program. The basic concept of machine learning is to develop algorithms that can capture input data and apply…

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