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Understanding The Background of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is the human quality intelligence; decision making, wisdom, analyzing, and awareness revealed by machines, along with the undergrowth of computer science and engineering that seek to build up intelligent machines.

Programming without Artificial Intelligence

A computer-based software program without AI answers the particular questions it is required to solve. Here, you can make queries according to the set of program or structure of the software program only and will get the readily available answer in the database. Hence, the scope of intelligence required is nil here.

Programming with AI

A computer-based software program with AI answers the generic questions it is required to solve. It has more local sectors of programming to receive instruction or queries and judge the same and response according to with a proper logical decision. Here, the database may be permanent or temporary according to the programming instruction.

Modification of AI Program

Edit in the AI program leads to alter in its current structure. Artificial Intelligence programs absorb new modifications by implementing the independent set of information together. Therefore, you can edit even a minute portion of information of program without disturbing its structure. You couldn’t modify AI program so quickly and easily and it may affect the program negatively.

Features of AI Technique

The programmer should be able to identify and edit or correct errors it with no trouble. AI techniques accelerate the velocity of execution of the critical program it is prepared with.

Play of Rossum Universal Robots (RUR)

In 1920 the Karel Capek published a play Rossum’s Universal Robots (RUR). This play introduced the word robot for the first time. In this play, the character RUR deals with a factory, which creates artificial people named as robots. The robots perform like human being clone. From that onwards, the scientists and programmers started work on creating real robots based on artificial intelligence.

Some abilities of an Intelligence system

A robot includes following intelligence features to increase its efficiency.

Linguistic Intelligence – This is the ability to learn, speak, understand, recognize, and use methods of phonology (language sounds), semantics (meaning) and syntax (grammar). For instance: Orators, and Narrators.

Logical and mathematical Intelligence – This is the capability of use and comprehends relationships in the lack of objects or functions. The judgment of critical conditions and abstract ideas is necessary. For instance: Scientists & Mathematicians.

Musical Intelligence – This is the capability of Robot to speak, create music and understand well the meanings through the sound, accepting of the pitch, rhythm. Once we told the robot or machine to name of the song or video, it’ll play the required music or video. For example Musicians, Singers, and Composers.

Bodily and Kinesthetic Intelligence – This is the ability of the robot to utilize part or whole of the body to resolve troubles or entertains by moving here and there. For instance: Players and Dancers. Also, the robots perform many actions like a normal active man.

Spatial Intelligence – This is the ability to recognize spatial or visual information, alter it, and re-generate visual images without indication to the objects, design 3D images, and to rotate and move them. For example Astronauts, Map readers, and Physicists.

Intra-personal Intelligence – This is the capability of the robot to differentiate among one’s personal spiritual or good feelings, motivations and intentions. For instance: Gautam Buddha. Also, these types of robots play a nice role in sharing their emotions with people as per programming set. But, until today, they are not completely successful yet.

Interpersonal Intelligence – This ability of the robot to be acquainted with and make characteristic among other people’s beliefs, outlooks, and intentions. For example Mass Communicators and Interviewers. The scientists and computer engineers work together in this part of a robot. Otherwise, all the above intelligence features are already implemented on the computer except Intra-personal intelligence and Interpersonal intelligence.

Hope, the readers must have understood well about the point of an invention of the robot and artificial intelligence and core intelligence features. The machine composed of any one of the above intelligence features could be an AI intelligent system. Therefore, a machine could have single or multiple intelligence features.

The intelligence is completely intangible and is composed of Reasoning, Learning, Problem Solving, Perception, Linguistic and Components of Intelligence.

Reasoning includes judgment, making choice, and prediction. The types of reasoning are Inductive Reasoning and Deductive Reasoning. The Inductive reasoning handles specific observations to build broad general reports. It begins with a general report and tests the possibilities to reach a specific and logical conclusion. Hence, this ERA is known as AI ERA and we get the opportunity of implementation of robotic technology in any sections of the software program.

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