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Top 7 Reason Why Python Is So Popular

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In this article, we will discuss “Top 7 reason why Python is so popular”. Python has proved itself as the best programming language. The drawbacks of Java, Perl, VB, C#, C and C++, etc., inspire programmers to move with Python. Latest Python version 3.5 optimizes the development method, syntax and scope up to a great extent. It also saves money and time and executes a high-quality output. Let’s discuss the 7 significant reasons for using Python instead of all other programming languages.

Fewer Programming Codes

In comparison to Java, C, C++, Tcl, Small talk, Perl and VB and other programming languages, the programmers need to use very fewer codes or syntax to get developed any particular program.

Since Python does not need much-written code, it enables developers to work fast; even a small size team can operate Python effectively. The impressive dialogue of Python is Less Time, Less Code and Less money. Hence, the cost of training and prior investment will be lesser than other programming languages.

For example:

// For printing of "learn and code python easily!" in C++ is:
#include <iostream>
int main() { std::cout << “learn and code python easily! “; return 0; }

// In Python, it’s simply written as:
Print (“learn and code python easily!”)

Well Compatible With Latest OS

Around 30% programmers use it on the OS like Linux, UNIX, Mac and Windows OS.  It’s Interactive, modular, Interpreted, Dynamic, Object-oriented, portable and Higher level programming language, etc.

Advanced Developments

Now, the programmers incorporate Python to get developed games, frameworks, prototyping, and graphic design, etc. Because of its simplicity, high utility and powerful controlling capacity, Top level Development team always give the first choice to end-users for development of any high-quality web application.

Excellent Libraries of Python

It comes with high-level libraries including the Internet, string operations, web service tools, OS protocols, interfaces, and many more. Consequently, the developers take the opportunity to use all tools of Python to develop a complete and valuable Python program.

From libraries of Python, You will get helpful Notes on availability, Built-in Functions, Constants, and custom Constants by site module, Truth Value Testing, etc.

Find some Built-in Types functions are as follows:

For Boolean Operations you can use “and, or, not” and for Numeric Types, you can use functions “int(), complex(), float()”.

Find some Iterator Types as follows:

For Sequence Types you can use functions “list(), range(), tuple()” and for text Sequence Type, you can use function “str()”. For Binary Sequence Types, you can use “bytes(), memoryview(), bytearray()” and for Set Types, you can use functions “frozenset(), set()”. You can also use “dict()” for Mapping types and exec() for Context Manager Types.

Other Built-in Types function:

Special Attributes, Base classes, Built-in Exceptions, Exception hierarchy, Warnings, Concrete exceptions, and Text Processing Services, etc.

Integration Benefits

Python integrates well with other C, C++ or Java through Jython. It’s easier to develop various web services by calling up COBRA or COM components. Its calling method is direct and powerful to call other components. Python also incorporates XML, HTML and other languages to run on all modern OS with the same bytecode. Hence, it can integrate easily with other programming languages.

Increase Productivity of Programmers

Python increases the productivity of programmer two or three times of the output through VB, Java, Perl, C, C# and C++. It saves much time in coding implementation and ultimately increases productivity. It’s also, powerful integration features, control capabilities and excellent framework increases the speed of most applications. Hence, it ultimately increases productivity.

Multi-Protocol Network Applications

It’s a great platform for the building of highly scalable and complex multi-protocol added network applications. It’s easy to learn and code and you can make any critical assignment within a short period. For this reason, World class leaders and giant IT companies like Google, Spotify, Instagram, and Dropbox, etc. Also, end-users like NASA, Disney and Electronic Arts, etc., have made Python a major part of their systems, you may guess something.

Especially, data scientists have approved it for an easy and user-friendly application development. Hence, you can consider Python as the easiest, simple and powerful coding language for the modern customized web applications.

To Summarize

On the whole, both the development team and end-users gain confidence after going through the above article. They will go through Python for sure in order to develop any particular complex and valuable project or framework. From various social media sites and forums, you will surely get many successful feedbacks about the development and use of Python projects.

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