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How to Create Custom 404 Error View

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In this article, we will discuss how to create custom 404 error view. Laravel provides an easy and simple way to create the custom 404 error page.

As we know, Laravel having specific files to manage all of the file routes. Laravel provides the wonderful feature to make routing easy and simple. We can manage each of the URLs from a single file.

You can found more details on Laravel Route here.

First, create a view named 404.blade.php under resources/views/errors directory. And design the 404 view as per your requirement.

Now, time to attach this view with 404 requests. Register your 404 route in routes/web.php.

Route::get('404', function(){
  return view('errors.404');

As already mentioned, it’s easy and simple. After registering the 404 route. Whenever application generates the 404 request. Then our custom 404 view renders.

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