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Crucial Advantages & Disadvantages of Agile Scrum Methodology

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In this article, we will discuss the “Crucial Advantages & Disadvantages of Agile Scrum Methodology”. After a decade of conspicuous increasing pains and the requirement of a new framework for successful software or web project management, Agile Manifesto initiated a new efficiency. It supports working software over proper documentation, customer participation, regular development, and quick response to the update. As agile refers to responsive, the standard agile values inspire numerous sub-frameworks, like scrum methodology.

Scrum is well known as the subset of agile methodology, and it has an instant solution to large and complicated projects that take too long duration to get finished. Development teams distribute their work into different actions in order to complete within a few days. Hence, working with scrum technology refers to working with agile methodology.

Roles of Agile Scrum Methodology

Agile Scrum consists of 3 significant roles such as the scrum master, product owner, and team. The product owner represents the company and scrum master plays the role of project manager to control and measure the process of development. The team includes the person to perform the task of the project. The project steps are Scrum ceremonies, which refers to “sprint and scrum meeting”. Also, Scum artifacts consist of a backlog of product, which is a significant list of customer expectation and the burndown chart which displays about pending works.

Advantages of Agile Scrum Methodology

  • The Agile scrum sprint process facilitates excellent development that provides profitable and
    demanding product even while the software project is in full roll. Hence, this growing delivery
    system reduces the marketing and revenue earning time with each completed backlog.
  • Additionally, review of each sprint before proceeding to the next sprint confirms that project
    testing helps teams to edit the project at any position.
  • Also, the deadline agreement and budget are constants during the ongoing project needs as per
    approval of project manager.
  • New project management method: The project manager will implement a new project
    management procedure for his/her team will face new exciting challenges. Hence, before
    committing to an Agile Scrum methodology, you need to consider all factors properly.
  • Easy Adaptability: Agile Scrum projects involve repeated check-ins and updates, so if a project
    needs to edit, it won’t stay for weeks or more before someone views. For this reason, you’ll be
    able to detect a problem or required correction and pivot instantly without wasting weeks of
  • Visibility for stakeholders: The stakeholders have the flexible option to see the progression of a project throughout its lifecycle of the project.
  • The efficiency of the team: Any agile scrum focuses to do more work, more efficiently. If your team perform well according to the Agile Scrum plan, you’ll see those results before the deadline.
  • Quick delivery – You will be able to deploy the software at the earliest possible.
  • You will have to spend fewer resources as you always work on current and updated tasks.
  • We can detect and correct all issues faster.
  • A team will save time for spending much time on bureaucracy and valueless work and you can join a big community of agile users with whom you will share knowledge.
  • You can also have quick feedback from the users and client to improve team inspiration.
  • Also, Developers will advance their coding skills and performance based on the feedback from QA.
  • No need to worry about the cost and premature optimization, as its low cost and don’t need any
    mid time optimization.

Disadvantages of Agile Scrum Methodology

  • Agile scrum has very much valuable advantages but it’s crucial to know the boundaries and risks of it.
  • Documentations are harder for new members to increase the speed of performance.
  • Apparently, you can’t measure the progress of the project accurately as it occurs across several cycles.
  • Agile claims more energy and time from all involved person like developers and customers and interaction is mandatory.
  • The developers have to work only on the assigned part of the project and not on all tasks.
  • The Scrum master is not easy to plan. Similarly, the structure and procedure of a project without clear definition is not easy to do.
  • Further, the frequent edit of product and delivery and précised product reduce the efficiency and reputation of the team.
  • Every company doesn’t have enough substantial resources for the daily Scrum meetings and repeat reviews.
  • If the participants don’t have high-quality communication skill and accomplishment capability of working according to backlog and review, you will get no worth at all.


In the article, you must aware of the importance of the Agile Scrum Methodology. Hence, most of them
project managers would like to implement an Agile Scrum Methodology. Please feel free to add a comment if any query or you can submit your suggestions 🙂

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