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LaRecipe: Create Beautiful Documentation with Markdown in Laravel Projects

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In this article, we will discuss a wonderful resource for Laravel Project is “LaRecipe Create Beautiful Documentation with Markdown in Laravel Projects”. It is a code-driven Laravel package created by Saleem Hadad. You can create beautiful documentation using markdown easily.

LaRecipe Setup

You can use the following composer command to install this.

composer require binarytorch/larecipe

Publishing Resources and Configuration

After successful installation, time to publish the resources and configurations. You can use the following artisan command.

php artisan larecipe:install

After executing the above command. You can see assets directory to be copied at “\public\vendor\binarytorch\larecipe\assets” and the configuration file is available at “\config\larecipe.php”.

// Execution result

php artisan larecipe:install
Publishing assets and congigurations.. ?
Copied Directory [\vendor\binarytorch\larecipe\publishable\assets] To [\public\vendor\binarytorch\larecipe\assets]
Copied File [\vendor\binarytorch\larecipe\publishable\config\larecipe.php] To [\config\larecipe.php]
Publishing complete.
Setup initial documentations structure under /resources/docs.. ?
Reading all docs versions, found: 1.0

---------------- Version 1.0 ----------------
Docs folder created for v1.0 under /resources/docs/1.0 created under /resources/docs/1.0 created under /resources/docs/1.0
--------------- /Version 1.0 ----------------

Dumping the autoloaded files and reloading all new files.. ?
LaRecipe successfully installed! Enjoy ?
Visit /docs in your browser ?

Larecipe provides rich feature and functionality to make a flexible and wonderful documentation with markdown. In the available configuration file, you will manage routing, appearance, version, settings, cache, SEO and repository. You can check more details on official package documentation.

You can see the working in the above mention screenshot.



LaRecipe automatically leverages Markdown to HTML parser out of the box. You can manage Typography, Images, Tables, Coding and many more using Markdown. No need to write down the complete HTML. Lots more features available such as Vue Components, Authorization, Artisan Command & Keyboard Shortcuts. 


In this article, we are discussing the wonderful resource Larecipe. Hope you like this article. You can check the official documentation for more details. You can also contribute to this open source project via GitHub. Please feel free to add the comment if any query or submit your feedback 🙂

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