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How to Use Make Auth in Laravel 6

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In this article, we will discuss “how to use make auth in Laravel 6”. Officially Laravel 6 is available now, but some of the changes here, as expected. Because you are reading this article, So I assume you are still not familiar with the Laravel 6. Note that, It’s an LTS version of Laravel.

If you are new in Laravel then you can start with the following articles.

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PHP Artisan “make:auth”

In Laravel 6, the artisan command “make:auth” is not available in the list of artisan command. When we try to execute this command in terminal then the error shown as per the screenshot.

How to use make auth in Laravel 6

Laravel 6 introduces a new package “laravel/ui”. You can use the following composer command to install this package.


After installing this package, the new “ui” command visible in the list of artisan command. You use the “ui” command to create the auth scaffolding. Also, you have to install the npm dependencies for the compiling of scaffolding.


After installing the npm packages, now time to compile the file. You have to run the “npm run dev” command. Authentication scaffolding is ready for use.

Note that, other steps running the migration, setup database are still the same. You can check our Laravel tutorials for more details.


In this article, we are discussing “how to use make auth in Laravel 6”. Please feel free to add the comment, if any query. You can also submit your feedback.


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