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Ionic Installation Step by Step Guide

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In this article, we will discuss “Ionic Installation Step by Step Guide”. We already discuss basic of the Ionic Framework in our previous article. You can read the following article.

Ionic apps created via the command line utility. The Ionic CLI is the most common and preferable method for installation. A CLI (Command-Line Interface) is a text-based interface. Mac users use CLI within the Terminal, and Windows users use CLI within the Command Prompt.

Install the Ionic CLI

Let’s start with the Ionic CLI, Before installation, make sure your system has the latest Node Js and NPM. If the system is not ready then you can download the latest version of the Node Js and install it.

You can use the following command to install the Ionic CLI.

npm install -g ionic

In the above command, “-g” means global installation.

Setup an App

Ionic provides some of the default created app templates such as tabs, sidemenu, or blank. You can choose as per your requirement. Use the following command to setup an ionic app.

ionic start ionicapp tabs --type=angular

In the above command, “–type=angular” flag is required in the “Ionic 4.0.0” or greater of the CLI. Also, note that installation of an app take some time.

Run Ionic App

You can use the following command to run the Ionic App.

ionic serve


In the article, we are discussing the installation steps of Ionic Framework. Please feel free to add the comment or you can submit your feedback.

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