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Top 6 Modern CSS Framework for Designers & Developers

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In this article, we will discuss top 6 modern CSS framework for designers & developers. CSS frameworks are gaining popularity in these days and it’s hard to imagine a website or blog without using any CSS framework. Today, I’m trying to explain top 5 Modern CSS framework that you may want to use in your future projects.


Bootstrap is one such effective front-end framework that enables quick creation of the websites and applications. It comes with an advanced CSS framework and is written in LESS. The predefined classes in bootstrap are frequently used to develop the proper layout of the web pages and it saves time in defining new classes. Some predefined classes are xs, sm, md and lg each presenting a device resolution. Also, Bootstrap is compatible across major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, opera, internet explorer, and Chrome, etc and all cross devices to save time.  It’s easy to use by semi-skilled web designers and provides fewer files with plain CSS files as well.

Just download the files from Bootstrap’s website and unzip them and link them in the header section of your HTML files. This link helps you access the entire framework and you can use the predefined bootstrap classes.

Bootstrap 4.1 is the current stable versions. Its written in SCSS and completely support flex property. As the previous version, well-written documentation is available for v4.1. But its apply some major changes such as Flexbox, also drop support for older IE version and many more. You need to check its official docs to get more information.


Foundation, the most powerful framework is designed only for the design of good looking responsive websites and especially, for huge coding tasks. It allows work on all kinds of devices and facilitates you with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript plugins.

Foundation 6.1.1 is the latest version through which faster development will be conducted through Sass compiler, which works much faster than the genuine compiler. Many parts of your website will be well developed perfectly through this framework. Some important parts of the website are switches, pricing tables, range sliders, joyride, lightbox and many more.

You will have here the excellent development package like Libsass and Grunt for faster coding and control over the projects.

The main feature of the foundation is quick coding for any website with powerful Grid systems, Javascript and UI components. Also, the emails could be designed here well, which are being read by all the receivers in any device like mobile, pc or Laptop, etc. It’s now more demanding by the users.


Bulma is considered as one of the best CSS Open Source framework. As Bootstrap and Foundation are much popular around the globe, the fresh breeze and customization framework is Bulma. It’s good looking, lightweight and stylish CSS framework and super interactive.

The main benefit of Bulma is that it’s like a box model and is fully based on Flexbox and no more CSS floats and percentages are required. The website made by Bulma is 100% responsive, Modular, latest and it’s available for free of cost. The grid system is fully built up with Flexbox.

Bulma is constructed with mobile friendly website development features. Its framework weighs 22kB minified and zipped file and you can import any modules as per requirement. The Bundle of Bulma is designed with SASS and is separated by 39 partial .sass files. Here’s available for customization possibilities. With magical tiles and flexbox facility, Bulma fulfills all the requirements of the customers.


When we think about software reuse, UiKit is one of the best frameworks. Through UiKit, Apple’s development team writes codes, polishes, tests and optimizes UIKit components in ideal and faster ways.

In social media sites, this framework is much value in developing AsynchDisplaykit to provide many small utilities in the best way. The social media sites contain thousands of classes with the help of UiKit and the app will be displayed on iOS devices. The biggest advantage of UiKit is that it dynamically resizes the output through size classes and many iOS related apps will be easily developed through this framework.

When required to implement an alert on the view of your web app the previous method to control this was with a UIActionSheet or UIAlertView and these were deprecated in newer version iOS 8 SDK. Now, the UiKit makes social media app development easier through it’s the latest version. It comes with a Dynamic animator and Dynamic behaviors (Attachment, Snap, Gravity, Collision, Push) , messaging service, items and view facilities.

UIKIT Version 3.0.0-Beta.42 is the latest version to work with. You will have most advanced tools here to get developed the web apps and npm is used installation.


Materialize CSS Framework stands for Material design through a visual language and a fusion of the aesthetics of design in a pioneering method. Numerous Materialize Frameworks with UI/UX designs are utilized without writing a single custom CSS.

The latest Android SDK version has a smooth Material Design user interface developed by Google. These frameworks can be utilized without writing a single line of custom CSS. AJAX and JavaScript plugins are many valuable components of Materialize framework. Some JavaScript plugins are Collapsible, Media, Drop-downs, Modals, Dialogs, and Parallax, etc.

Materialize CSS framework speeds up the development work and the excellent styling and user experience features. These are the significant reason for choosing the Materialize framework for development purpose. It’s much simple and easier to work with and global color theming features are more helpful for the developers and beneficial for customers. The Aurelia integration is the powerful binding engine to improve the functionality of your apps. Materialize version 1.0.0 beta is the latest version of CSS framework to be used by developers and npm is used installation.

Material UI

Material UI is fairly good web app development service that enhances the materials design process through any services of Google. The developers can use various significant components to fulfill the need of the customer.

Major benefits of Material UI design

  • Engagement for best output with minimal input.
  • Good job of providing consistency on various screens viewport sizes, and Virtual feel.
  • Import from skeuomorphic (Apple) and flat design (Microsoft).
  • Material UI framework is developed by Google in it’s Android 5.0 version.
  • Excellent Branding of the entire app with the flat and light object and multiple colors.
  • Guaranteed user engagement.
  • Cost Effective and prototypes are compatible with web and mobile

This Material UI framework decreases the overhead cost of web designer and UX developer for different platforms. It provides a lot of free resources like an icon, templates, color pallets, and wireframes and many more components. The customers having minimum budget can go with this framework well. Material UI 1.00 beta 43 is the current version and Material-UI V1 is coming.


Hope, the above article must go in favor of your requirement. You should choose the right open source framework for your requirement. But, make sure you have analyzed well about the right framework and its facilities for your website development requirement. As per my opinion, Non of the framework wins or lose. Because each of the frameworks having its own features, advantages, and disadvantages. Its totally depends on you to select the framework as per your requirement. Feel free to add the comment if any query.

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